Friday, October 3, 2014

More Sparkly Stuff

Hello, dears. I don't have anything much to say in this post, no important thoughts to share with you. I just felt like posting something so we can stay in touch. I've posted another head shot of me, nothing too racy, but I like it. You may realize that it's been enhanced, shall we say, by a digital artist. Well, what's technology for if not to show us our prettier, more glamorous, more exciting selves? As I said in my last post, I love it whenever someone uses their creative ideas on one of my pictures. I love to see what people can do to make me look different. Would you like to try? Send me an email at the address below and we can talk about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Fan Art

Hello darlings,

Just posting some artwork that a friend did of me. I love these booty shots, and I had the cute idea of a caption that says I outgrew my panties. Do you like it? By the way, if you want to do some fan art of me, I'd love to see it! Send it to

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What A Shape!

Sometimes you just have to give it up for sheer beauty. Like my Flickr friend Alison St. John, who is one of the most beautiful TGs I've ever seen. She is just gorgeous, with the kind of style, beauty, and shape that would make most men drool. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll just post one of Alison's recent shots and you'll see what I mean.
Now, isn't that gorgeous?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's All About The Fantasy

I am a fantasy girl, and I know that. Real life can be so tiresome, and so I like to get away to my fantasy world from time to time. Pictures help me to do that, and stories. Today I'm posting a picture that a kind person created for me. And I do mean "created", because this is not how I look in real life. Ah, but what a wonderful fantasy it is to look like this! I can look at this picture and feel that big, round derriere sticking out from that tight dress. I can feel the soft, silky, stretchy material on my skin, the way my breasts jiggle and bounce, and the way every man within a mile is looking at me.
If I ever found a bottle with a genie in it, my first wish would be to spend 24 hours looking like this.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still Popular After All These Years

I've been writing ebooks for almost five years now, and I've strayed into several different categories of erotica. If you look at my ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords, you'll see what I mean. I've written about bimbos, giantesses, sissies, fabric fetishes, cross-dressing and exhibitionism, to name a few. It's been fun, and I aim to keep exploring new themes, but I have to admit that some of my titles sell better than others.
Like the Bimbo Maker series. Those books were some of the first ones I published, and they're still selling like hotcakes. Some ebook authors say there's a natural lifespan for these books, and that once a title has been out for more than three months, the sales start to fall off. That hasn't happened with the Bimbo Maker titles. They're long past the three-month mark, and yet they're still selling briskly.
I guess that means people like them, right? Either that or they just like the idea of a formula that turns women into bimbos.
Disclaimer: I don't really believe that women should be turned into bimbos. It's just a fantasy!
Whatever the case, it tells me that I should probably be working on another Bimbo Maker ebook, and so I'll clear away my other projects and start one very soon. I'll let you know when I finish!
Bimbo Maker forever!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why Not?

I admit it, I'm vain. I like getting compliments on my appearance. And I LOVE getting emails from people who enjoy my pictures and stories. I just got one today that was such a joy to read. The gentleman who wrote it told me that he had gotten more excited looking at my pictures than he had in many years. It made him feel so alive, he said, and so vital. Mostly, it made him feel good.
Very good.
Better than he had in a long time.
I don't think there's anything wrong with having some pleasure. We all lead stressful lives, and if my pictures and stories get you hard, and you get a release from that, well, why not?
If it happens for you, though, let me know. Send me an email. I love to hear from fans.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Scrap Of Fishnet

Darlings, you all know that I like to write erotica, and now I have decided to publish excerpts from my erotic ebooks here, just so you can get a taste of how delicious my writing is! My first excerpt will be from Touch Me! my book about the erotic power of fishnet. My blog post announcing the publication of that book is still my most popular of all time, so I know you're interested. I'm not going to give away the whole story here, but if you like this excerpt you can buy the book at Smashwords or Amazon.

Lani had spent all day looking at cashmere samples, running her fingers through the soft fabric, thrilling to the touch of it on her skin. She was an assistant fashion designer in the studio of Henri Bechet, at one of the top design firms in Manhattan. It was her dream job, especially since she had what could only be called a lust for fabric. As long as she could remember she’d had this primal need to feel different textures on her skin, and it had only gotten stronger with time. Cashmere, corduroy, denim, silk, satin -- every fabric had its own special thrill. When she was a toddler she’d kept a blue velour stuffed bear next to her at night, and she could not sleep unless it was nestled against her face. As a little girl she liked the feel of starched petticoats against her legs, and as an adult she wore only satin lingerie, which gave her a rush of excitement every time she put her panties on in the morning.
She had studied design in school and she had some talent as an artist, but her true gift was for picking fabrics. After a period as a wage slave at various clothing companies, she had caught the eye of Henri Bechet when he rode in an elevator with her one day and heard her ranting to a girlfriend about the poor quality of Llama wool in that year’s sweaters. “Anyone who has that much passion for wool is somebody I want working for me,” he’d said, and hired her on the spot.
It was such a heavenly, sensual experience for her that there were times when she actually got sexually excited from touching fabrics all day. Her skin was hot and flushed, and she felt a tingling between her legs that sometimes made it hard to concentrate.
Today was one of those days. The cashmere she’d been working with had felt so soft and warm that by the end of the day she felt like she was on the verge of an orgasm. Maybe that’s why she had said yes when Paul Mason, a guy from the IT department who worked nearby, popped his head in her office and asked her out for a drink and a light dinner.
He was a little rough around the edges  -- he did carpentry on the weekends and seemed like more of a construction worker than anything else -- and was not the kind of guy she usually went out with. She had agreed to two other dates with him, though, and he was an okay guy to go out with for drinks and a modest dinner at an after-work bar. He was not particularly attractive, but she was so keyed up right now that even Paul Mason looked good.
She was wearing black fishnet pantyhose, a black leather skirt, pink satin panties, a bra that fit her like a second skin, and a chunky red sweater that was luxuriously soft and fluffy. Paul had an ill-fitting gray suit on, and it looked like the collar of his shirt was too tight. It was a shame that men had such a limited palette of fabrics to wear against their skin. He had dark hair and a stubbly beard, and as he sat across the table from her, she decided he was probably not very good in bed. She knew the type: guys who had no sensitivity to touch, and who would treat a woman’s body like something to be manhandled, not caressed.She had a few glasses of wine to calm her nerves after the excitement of being around cashmere all day, and after a time she softened her attitude toward Paul. He was kind of cute in a blocky, goofy way, she thought. She crossed and recrossed her legs under the table, and the feel of the fishnet against her smooth thighs was making her excited.
And then it happened. They were sitting in a back corner of the dimly lit bar, and Paul reached under the table and ran his thick, calloused fingers up Lani’s leg. 
To read more, go to Smashwords or Amazon.